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I do regular boarding for $35 per night (discounts for Diamond rescue dogs & for rescues)

  • You must bring their food (broken in individual bags per meal}, treats, toys and any medicine that they need during their stay.
  • Pick up and drop off times are based on agreed upon times by both of us.
  • Payments are by cash or Venmo.
  • Do not bring their bowls.
  • I can administer medicine but please bring canned food or pill pockets for them to take it in. If medication needs to be given more then twice per day, an additional $10 per day charge will be added. 

Obedience Training Programs


Since we train on an "individualized basis", you come to us in Woodstown, NJ  for the initial consultation to discuss what training would be best for you & your needs. There is a non-refundable $50 charge for the evaluation that goes towards the training program if you sign up. There are 2 different types of training: private lessons & residency programs. You will also have phone, text and email support and communication with your trainer for updates during the training and any questions or issues after training. Below are the descriptions of both:

Private Lessons

Private lessons are intended to teach you how to train your dog. Each lesson is geared toward you and your dog on an individual basis. There is no set limit on how many lessons you can take. We encourage the whole family to participate when possible. These lessons would take place here.  Each lesson is $100.

Residency Programs**

Dogs who participate in the residency program will spend 24 hours a day with a trainer. This program is intended for owners who would like to go on vacation while their dog is being trained or for dogs that need a little more intensive training. After their training is complete, owners will receive private lessons with our trainer to help you understand the commands and how to generalize behaviors to other environments. You will receive a new collar with the training.

Program 1 ** $495.00  3 days + 1 private lesson

Dogs will learn basic on-leash control, along with manners. Commands that will be taught are "heel with automatic sit" and "sit".

Program 2 ** $695.00                                         5 days + 2 private lessons

This establishes dog/owner communication. Commands that will be taught are "heel with automatic sit", "sit" and "come".

Program 3 ** $1195.00                                        10-12 days + 4 private lessons

This on-leash program is designed to establish and enhance effective dog/owner communication. Commands that will be taught are "heel with automatic sit", "sit", "down", "sit and down in motion", "place" and "come".

** Huge discounts for Diamonds in the Ruff rescue adopted dogs. 

The length of stay is not always just 3/5/10 days. Dogs need to adjust to their surroundings first before training can start. We wait to start training until the dog is relaxed and comfortable in the new atmosphere and eats its first meal. But there is no extra charge for the extra days. 


** Discounts for Diamonds in the Ruff Rescue adopted dogs.

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